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My ex Gf give me a great blowjob and i load in her mouth a nice juice

One day, I met my ex girlfriend on the way to my house. So I invited him to have a drink with me and she accepted.

A wonderful excuse

Actually, my goal was to ask to get me a good fun with a blowjob like old times. A drink was a mere excuse. I did not hesitate to ask for what I want and it also did not hesitate to accept because she also wants to play on lot of amateur videos in oral creampie. I did not think it was that easy but on reflection I thought she also needed. Without further ado, we move us to the serious thing. My ex pulled my cock out of my pants for masturbated.

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At first, it all just licked the tip of his tongue and then she pawed my acorns. It was after she sucked my cock along with tenderness. All the while, she was so excited she could not help asking me to change positions. Then we lay down on the couch and did a spin where everyone longs on the sex of the other. After she went on some trim. I asked her to put my dick between her breasts. She was quick to execute my orders. After a minute, it was felt that the time of use was not so far away so we went straight to the point, it is reset to suck my penis while continuing to lick my nuts one by one. Finally, she put my cock in the mouth by the back and forth. She looks forward to the flow of my fluids. I could not wait to advantage and loose all my juice into her mouth. She smiled perversely while letting sink my semen on her lips., Online sex blog

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